What is Social Trading?

Social Trading

You probably know technical analysis and fundamental analysis as the two learning schools of Forex trading. We also talk about quantitative analysis, which is based more on numbers than on graphs. However, recently, we are starting to see a new way of trading: social trading. Remember, in the early days of Forex trading, when everything … Read more

The Feeling in Trading

Feeling in Trading

Without ceasing, we bring down the same sermons, we must be methodical or even mechanical. But we must admit that from time to time, “we feel that the market will return” while no explicit data provided by the graph would allow us to say. It is this famous feeling of which we speak in this … Read more

Is Gold a Safe Investment?

Gold a Safe Investment

For several months, gold has continued to climb, and accelerating with every bad announcement. The latter has played its role of refuge in these difficult times. However, the last weeks have been marked by a fall in the price, we will see why and what prospects are to be expected for the next few months. … Read more