Guide to Time Series Forecast Indicator

Time Series Forecast Indicator

TSF, Time Series Forecast is a technical analysis indicator showing the dynamics of the last point of the trend regression line at each individual time. It sounds complicated, but in reality, everything is simple. The resulting line of the Time Series Forecast indicator is a curve like the Moving Average. Each point of this curve … Read more

Training of the main functions of MetaTrader 4

metatrader 4

The trading terminal MetaTrader 4 is the main working tool of the trader. It allows you to trade in Forex markets, CFDs for metals, indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies, futures (depending on the broker and the specification for connecting your account). With the help of the terminal, you can not only conduct trading operations, but also conduct … Read more

Guide to Donchian Channel Technical Indicator

donchian channel indicator

Donchian channel is an indicator of technical analysis developed by Richard Donchian, a very famous trader from Wall Street. The indicator builds on the chart a classic channel for candle extremes for the period indicated in the indicator settings. Donchian channel (refers to trend indicators: to build a reversal trading strategy on it, the idea … Read more

How to become a trader?

forex trader

A trader is an expert in working with securities and other instruments in the financial markets, which acts on its own initiative, in its own interests and seeks to profit from the change in the value of these instruments. Traders work in the stock market and in the over-the-counter markets, including the Forex market. To … Read more

How does automated forex trading work?

automated forex trading

Forex traders and investors can customize the entrance, exit and rules of money management in automated forex trading systems that allow computers to execute and monitor transactions. One of the biggest advantages of an automation strategy is that it can eliminate any negative and destructive emotions from the trade, because deals that meet certain criteria … Read more

Guide to Alligator Indicator

Tutorial on Alligator Indicator, Calculation of Alligator Indicator, Description of Alligator Indicator, How to use Alligator indicator, Disadvantages of Alligator Indicator