Dow Jones weekly Technical Chart | 17-July-2014

Below is the technical chart of DowJones indices of 17-July-2014. Here I’m using Doda-Donchain, Doda-Bollinger Bands, Ichimoku indicators.

The time frame taken is weekly chart to get large overview of trend.


Dow Jones weekly Technical


It started its uptrend on somewhere around Aug 2012 and from there it is in uptrend as visible on chart. Many times, it gave regular correction candle, but it always manages to get support on either Doda-Donchian line or Doda-Bollinger band line. This shows how accurate and powerful are these indicators.

Even now, as long as it is trading about kumo and these 2 indicators, take only long positions.

But as soon as it close below doda-donchain and doda-bollinger band, book all your profits and sit on cash.

Take short position when it closes below kumo.

Will make new article on that day as it happens.


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