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  1. Hello,
    Just wanted to ask if it is possible to get Doda-Stochastic without the alert or with the possibility to shut it down in settings? I am not a coder, so I better do not touch it myself, but having the alert pop-ups is very disturbing.

      1. Thank you for your quick reply.
        I also wanted to ask about settings. If I want to use 14,3,3, should I set your version to 3.0, 14.0, 3.0.
        I just do not understand what Slw, Pds and Slwsignal mean… Is Slw same as D and Pds same as K or vice versa maybe?

        1. You’re free to change any settings of this indicator and name that. Just keep my website name intact there. Test your settings in different time mode and stable currency pair.
          Yes, these settings are equivalent to %k and %d of normal stochastic indicator.
          Hope it will help you.

          1. I am not going to change the code, just playing with settings.
            But still not unclear – is Slw %k and Pds %d? or is it vice versa?
            Sorry to ask so many questions but I like the indicator and would like to use it instead of ordinary Stoch.

  2. I am not successful in downloading the stochastic indicator. I changed name to .mq4 file, loaded into MT4 editor and attempted to compile. I get many errors. Please advise. If I save directly, it saves as .mht file.

  3. Great indi !!
    But I have a couple of questions:
    How do you get the price bars painted according to the indicator?
    Is it posible to get buy and sell arrows in the chart window? It could be very useful.

    Again, it’s an outstanding indicator. Many thanks

    1. Thanks for your positive feedback. Price bars in green and red are due to another indicator – ADX candles, posted in indicators section at https://www.dodacharts.com/2011/indicators/adx-candles-indicator-for-metatrader/ . Generally, traders use more than 2 or 3 indicators to take any decision and many times, those indicators put lots of text, labels, arrows etc. on chart. So, to avoid screen cluttering, I’ve not added any arrows on screen.

      Hope you understand.

      1. Thank you very much for your answer.

        I think the same about avoiding the clutter on the screen and I always rather to keep things as simple as possible. Maybe a good idea could be to show the arrows on the indicator window with a switch on/off option.
        I kindly request you to evaluate this improvement.
        Thanks again for this indicator.

        1. Yes, that can be considered. I’ll try to implement that feature in next version.
          Thanks for your appreciation.

  4. Man,
    I love this Stochastic Indicator. It has now become pivotal to my trading, and I think, coupled with another Indicator I will be able to use it on 15M and 30M charts as well as my D1 charts.

    I do have one suggestion however. Because I’m running this on a VPS it never gets shut down, so the “Alert” window never gets reset(emptied). Can I suggest a “reset button” actually on the Alert window so I can wipe alerts that happened in the past(eg. 1 mth ago). A minimise option would be good too.

    Also, cause I’m running this on same pairs on different time frames would it be possible to include the time frame on the alert, that way I will know which profile to go to instead of a manual search?
    Cheers. Keep up the good work!!!

  5. I see above the comments are from 2011…many. Admin commented in February. Does this mean the Doda BB indicator has been updated? No mention of it. The issue with the alarms, etc. Have these been revised? Is this the updated version since those comments?

  6. I have been having a rough couple years and I stumbled upon your site and download the doda stochastic and everything change 360 degress I just love it,this is awesome! Thanks

  7. Good day Doda.

    I use CMC market-maker and I really like your stochastic. I was wondering since the doda-stochastic is not compatible with market-maker, that is it the period settings you used on the stochastic that make it so smooth or you also did other things. If its the period settings, can you please tell me what periods to use on the normal stochastic to make it smooth like yours.

    Kind Regards

    Ayabonga Msomi

    1. Hello,

      It is not just period settings. There are lots of changes in coding itself. The source code in MQ4 format is given in the post above. You may check that and make changes accordingly. OR you may need some professional coder to do that for you.
      Hope it will help you.

  8. Good day Doda

    Thanks for getiing back to me. I don’t understand when you say“The source code in MQ4 format is given in the post above”. So are you also saying I can code the stochastic for myself.

    Kind Regards

    Ayabonga Msomi

    1. I mean you can download the source code from the post, change its settings and code as per your requirement for MetaTrader or any other platform you want. If you’re a coder, this source code will give you idea how this indicator was developed.

      Hope it will help you.

  9. Hi there
    Has this been written for MT5 – I really like the indicator but want to use it on mt5
    Many thanks

  10. Dear Sir,
    I have downloaded the stochastic indicator, and it is working fantastic. I would like to know as to how we do have to get back to the alerts window once it goes away?
    As soon as there is an alert, we tend to know what is what and we press ok, it disappears. How do we get back to it? Anyone please… help me out.

  11. Raimund Schmidt


    I use your Stochastic; it´s fantastic. Thank you very much.
    I have one question:
    I dont´t need the alert; how I can disable it.
    I try to change it so; but without success:

    if(ExtHistoBuffer[0] > ExtHistoBuffer2[0] && ExtHistoBuffer[0]<20.1 && ExtHistoBuffer2[0] ExtHistoBuffer[0] && ExtHistoBuffer[0]>80.1 && ExtHistoBuffer2[0] > 80.1 && SellAlert==False)
    // sell signal
    Alert (“Doda-Stochastic says Sell “,Symbol(),” at “,Close[0]);
    BuyAlert = false;
    SellAlert = False;

    Best regards
    Raimund Schmidt

    1. Raimund,
      Just remove the line
      Alert (“Doda-Stochastic says Sell “,Symbol(),” at “,Close[0]);
      from the code and re-compile it.
      Hope it will help you.

  12. bolarinwa taiwo

    thank you for good work. with your explanation I believe doda stochastic metatrader 4 will good for me to profit from forex trading. Therefore equest for the above mentioned indicator. Thanks one more.

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