Doda-Bollinger Bands indicator for MetaTrader4

doda bollinger band indicatorBollinger band is one of the famous indicator. But it’s implication of 3 lines confuse sometimes and one can not take proper action on time. So, here is the modified version of Boolinger band. You’ll get single line here.

Usage is simple. Buy when price closes above red line and you see blue line. Sell when price closes below blue line and you see red line. The sample image below is self-explanatory. The chart is latest EURUSD pair on H4 time frame. You can easily spot the starting of bull run and now starting of bearish phase.

Lastly, I’ve modified the code to great extent. It was originally by TrendLaboratory. So, the basic coding credit goes to them.

Doda-Bollinger Bands

You can download the source code of file from here and compiles file from here.

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30 thoughts on “Doda-Bollinger Bands indicator for MetaTrader4”

    1. Sorry Dilip, all my indicators are present here as it is. I’m not the coder for J-forex or amibroker. Some other experts may help you.

    1. EA coding is all different. You need to learn the MQL4 programming or get in touch with some professional coder for that.
      Hope it will help you.

        1. I realize it’s been awhile since reddy posted his/her question, but if there are any newbee’s wanting to know how to install an indicator into the MT4 platform- here goes. After you have downloaded the indicator to your computer into a folder just for MT4 downloads keep it there just encase you need to reinstall it. Next right click and copy the indicator, then go to where you have the MT4 program installed. It will most likely be in the “Program Files” folder most likely under the name of your broker. Open the folder, next open the “Experts” folder (Note:this is where you would paste an EA- in the “Experts” folder), then open the “Indicators” folder. Now, right click on a blank area within this folder and paste. At this point you have two choices. (1) If the MT4 platform is running, close the platform and re-open it. The indicator will be listed in the “Custom Indicators” under the Navigator sector of the MT4 platform. Choice (2), Right click on the indicator in the “Indicators” folder of the MT4 program folder where you pasted the indicator at and click “open with” > “MetaEditor”. When the MetaEditor program launches it will have opened the indicator programing section. (This is where you write and edit programs for the indicators and the EA’s. So be careful doing any changes here until you know what you are doing. ) Now place the cursor over a blank area of the program and right click, then click on “Compile”. The indicator is now listed in the “Custom Indicator” folder in the MT4 platform. (This second choice eliminates the need to close and open the MT4 platform if it’s running.) You can now close the MetaEditor. You can also close the folder for the MT4 program at any time. To install the indicator onto a chart just drag and drop onto a chart from the “Custom Indicator” folder from within the MT4 platform. Hope this helps.

  1. thanks for sharing! wow! i love your site man. can you imagine i paid 2k to buy moving average indicator for 15 and 5 min chart, and most of the time it doesn’t work.

    1. Thanks for your positive feedback. Don’t try to trade with any indicator on short time frame. That will NEVER work. Start seeing charts on h4 time frame. You’ll never look back. trust me.

  2. Hi,
    This is truly a great redesign job on a confusing indicator. I really love this approach. I have some questions about settings.
    What effect do Length, Deviation and Money Risk have when the variables are changed?
    Could you describe the function of each and how changing them affects performance?

    1. The default settings works best. Do not change them. You’ll get good results in H4 time frame. If you want to do experiments in different time frame or settings, you can do that.
      Hope it will help you.

  3. biswajit dhir deo

    im trading forex for the last 2 years with moderate success, i came across dodabollinger and found that good but i have an issue once the indicator shows an indication it changes color in the same candle thus making me confused as to which indication to follow. i mean say i have chosen 1 hour time frame and it showed a buy entry then i see the indicator is showing sell signal in the same candle. so, which entry to follow. Regards, Biswajit

  4. Hi, thank you with your doda-Bollinger band. I never tried trading using H4 chart.. But now I look at it differently.. better trading view. But I have 1 question, where did you usually put your stop loss? Previous H/L or at the Band it self… which one better base on your experiance.. thanks again for sharing…


    1. Thanks for positive feedback. It’s better to use trailing stop-loss if you’re a full time trader. Otherwise, use the value of Doda-Bollinger Bands itself.
      Hope it will help you.

  5. Hi, I have been using your method for a while and so far i have been making profit by just using your bollinger indi using EU pair. My question is, is there any suggetions on which other Pairs that work best with this Bollinger indi? Can you please name a few so that I can try it out. Anyway thank you so much for your effort.. God Bless You…

    1. Hello,
      EURUSD currency pair is the most stable currency pair i.e. it moves in defined way. So, these indicators gives best signals there. Others have no rules. You can try it on EURGBP.
      Hope it will help you.

  6. Hi, Rizal again here. I need your advice regarding retracement from the point of Entry using the bollinger indi. I notice that sometimes it retrace quite a lot +-100pips after the first point of Entry using the indi(even though it will follow the direction of the Bollinger Band most of the time). It just that sometimes due to big retracement I get a little bit emotionally affected(Its my first time trading at H4 just to let you know). Ok my questions;
    1- Is there any method that you use just to avoid the big retracement.
    2-If the Bollinger Band appear and as you said using the band itself as Stop Loss; Ok what happend if the Stop Loss quite big eg: +-300pips.. Will you still take the trade or just enter after any suitable retracement.
    Thank you again for you help. Really appreciate your time and efford for sharing it to everyone here. Especially newbie like me… Tq

  7. This is the best trend indicator really! The better settings for 4H time frame:
    Lenght 14, Deviation 1, Risk 1. Try it 🙂

  8. Hello Admin. I use the doda indicator as my only indicator. Yet, do you have a version of doda which alerts you once the doda band is TOUCHED by the price?

    1. Hello Alex,
      I do not have such indicator. However, you have the source code of this indicator. You can do it yourself if you can or hire some professional coder to do so.

  9. Good day

    The 4 hour chart is very good but for someone who has a small account like me, a pull back can liquidate a small account

  10. It look’s awesome in my chart gives me alerst signal allsaw when revers or brecout acoure exellent 🙂 thanc you again…

  11. hi respected sir
    you have done a great work by making doda bollinger modified indicator….i just love it . i want to understand the logic it follows inside its code and so i also want to know from you how can i get the same indicator for mt5.
    then on 2nd step i will try to get to a good human being who can help me to make its EA.but thats not the preority now. NOW i want to know and understand its logic inside its code …or give me your contact so that i
    can interact with you over it…i also need to contact you for some other proposals for you sir…hats off for your kind effort for others.

    1. Sorry, this indicator is in MQL4. You need to re-write in MQL5 code or hire some freelancer coder for it. And Sorry for late reply also. Some technical glitch hid you comment.


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