Koutons Retail India Ltd. is in bearish mode

I just saw this chart of Koutons Retail (India) ltd. The chart is in correct mode from last several days. All the reasons are very clear for it as far as technical chart is concerned.

Let's analyze the position of Tenken-sen, Kijun-Sen, Chikou Span & Kumo lines in this chart.

Koutons Retil India Ltd. technical chart


TS crosses Kijun around mid of August 2010. That was the first signal of weakness. Just after 1 trading session, the price & CS closes below kumo, thus confirming to take short position in the chart.

Around 6th of Sept. 2010, the price tried to cross kumo, but failed.

Kumo lines acts as strong resistance for any stock, if the price is coming from below.


Result: The journey of the stock price to southward direction continues & is still down.

When to book profit: If you've taken short position in this stock, book your profit, when price closes "above" kijun sen.

Take long position ONLY when price & CS closes above kumo.

If you have any doubts on this discussion, ask your query below under comments section.

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1 thought on “Koutons Retail India Ltd. is in bearish mode”

  1. Update: As on 30 Sep 2010, 11:30 AM, Koutons Retail India Ltd. is trading at Rs.172.35, down 19.99%. We all know the technical reasons for the same, discussed couple of days back.

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